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 avoid the chaos with traffic reports first starting at 4:25. the news keeps coming. here's will thomas in for brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge on top of breaking news in maryland tonight, a man's shot in what police are calling a robbery attempt. it happened just after 10:00 tonight on moon ridge drive in germantown. the scene unfolding right now. montgomery county police believe as many as four people may be involved. the victim's hospitalized, but his condition is unknown. we have a crew headed to scene and will bring you details as they come into our newsroom. another big story tonight, campaign trickery or just misunderstandings? the race for the ward 5 d.c. council seat just got a little spicey with one candidate accusing the other of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. fox 5's bob barnard is here now with what's going on. >> was it a crime caught on camera or a candidate being set
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up by her opponent and one of his supporters? angry accusations flying tonight between incumbent harry thomas and challenger kathy henderson. you decide. one of the newer small businesses in the district's ward 5 capital city diner on bladensburg road northeast is now at the center of a brewing political scandal captured for all to see by the restaurant's surveillance camera. these are images of kerry henderson running as an independent -- kathy henderson running as an independent for city council removing her opponent's campaign signs from in front of the diner. >> politics has no place for that. here is a business owner that has supported me because he thinks i've done good work and for someone to come down and that's kind of how she has been, tried to intimidate someone into the way she thinks it should be. >> reporter: ms. henderson says she did this after a conversation with the diner's owner. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the signs and he said he initially
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put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> reporter: capital city diner is closed on mondays. i spoke with its owner, matt ashburn, by telephone. >> i just think it's crazy. i knew d.c. politics were nuts, but i didn't know it was this crazy. >> reporter: ashburn said he's a big time supporter of council member thomas and never asked henderson to remove anything from his property. >> it's just crazy. i can't think of why any reasonable person would act that way. >> reporter: both ashburn and thomas say they have filed police reports accusing henderson of being a thief. >> it's just fortunate that we have video surveillance because it shows clearly what happened on that particular day and there's no disputing that. >> clearly i'm not stealing. i'm just replacing signs at mr. ashburn's request and for him to take this and use it as an act of sabotage is truly disappointing and it's disheartening. >> reporter: henderson says those fenty signs she put up were at the owner ashburn's request, but he's thrown them
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in a pile behind the diner. council member thomas says a large paper taken from the diner cost his campaign about -- banner taken from the diner cost his campaign about $200. he's accusing thomas and the diner owner of knowingly filing false police reports. the news edge staying on the district where mayor fenty is fighting for his political life and that had him and his opponent vincent gray working for your votes all day. fox 5's wisdom martin is live in the newsroom with the big issues they tackled today. >> no time off for these two candidates for d.c. mayor. this afternoon council chair vince gray met with a group of teachers to talk about their concerns and meanwhile current mayor adrian fenty rallied outside the rec center with his supporters. vincent gray discussed his plan for education reform that includes being more inclusive while mayor fenty is touting
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his record. >> we want to hear from everybody. we want to hear from parents, teachers, administrators and even though every decision might not go the way the people want it to go, i think they will feel like they've been heard and respected in process. >> does anybody know the last time the homicide rate is as low as it is right now? >> 1968. >> 1966. these days when you walk around d.c. people don't even pay any attention. they take for granted that their services are going to work. that's exactly as we want it. >> also for the first time the district has early voting. it's hard to know which candidate will reap the benefits from that at this point. and in maryland the gloves are off in the race for governor. republican bob ehrlich released his first ad called let's get to work. the former governor said maryland is in worse shape than four years ago due to debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs to go around. his democratic opponent
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governor martin o'malley's campaign blasted the ad calling it a pie in the sky ad. they say ehrlich's distorting the facts and making empty promises. the former prime minister of britain calling off a publicity tour because of a tiff. shawn yancy is on deck. >> blair canceled a book signing in london because of security concerns. this weekend in dub behind demonstrators hurled shoes and eggs at blair. -- dublin demonstrators hurled shoes and eggs at blair. in the book blair defends his a the army has now mobilized in christchurch new zealand after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. several aftershocks rattled the area overnight. the initial quake over the weekend shook buildings to the ground. despite the devastation, no one was killed. a judge dropped extortion charges against two people accused of trying to get money from john travolta. the pair took pictures of travolta's son jett as he was dying from a seizure and wanted
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travolta to give them $25 million to keep him from selling those photos. they were going to be retried, but the family asked for the case to be dismissed because they wanted to avoid the stress. tourists rushed to save dozens of horses when their barns went up in flames, but it was too late. the sky is normally dark at 5:00 in the morning, as you know, but the intense flames lit up the sky in ransom, west virginia. as the barns burned people nearby tried to help the animals including workers from charlestown casino. >> you could hear the cries from the horses. they were just neiging at the top of their lungs. >> they were panicking. we just turned them loose and people stopped their car, not even horsemen, a lot of people from the casino. >> charlestown casino letting the folks use some of their stables for the surviving
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horses. the bravery saved 20, but again 27 died. investigators say the flames just spread too quickly in the wooden barn, no word tonight on the cause. a shooting tonight sent two young men to the hospital. the scene was a few blocks from the same spot where two teenage girls and a man were shot last night. a 17 and 20-year-old were shot tonight on 54th street and blaine street northeast. both victims were conscious at the scene. last night three young people were shot on 53rd street and clay. they are recovering. police have not made any arrests so far. as you know, the separation for military families is hard enough. now imagine being a child without your mom and dad for months. tonight we're going behind the scenes of an important operation, but this one not in the battlefield. it's in the living rooms and sewing rooms of people trying to make a difference in the lives of our service members' children, but first a quick check of the rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the today the president rolled out his plan to help our economy, a $50 billion infrastructure bill to pump money into roads, railways and airplanes. mr. obama unveiled the plan at a labor day rally in milwaukee. he said the bill will create jobs and make the economy hum over the long haul. critics say the plan is just another stimulus package. >> the economic policies have failed and we can argue about jobs created, jobs saved, but the fact is when they passed the stimulus package, they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. it's now 9.6%, enough said. >> congress still has to approve the bill and that's where it gets tricky. republicans said no way and democrats could be reluctant to approve additional spending and higher deficits just weeks
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before the elections. the five metro redline stations closed for the long labor day weekend are set to reopen for your morning commute. crews worked all weekend replacing old track switches, installing new track, tunnel safety lights and fiberoptic cables. the takoma park, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations reopen tomorrow at 5:00. metro is staying open late for football fans trying to get home tonight. trains will run until 1 a.m. to help with crowd control. the last train leaves from the largo town center station at 12:24. if you know anybody who is still out there, you might want to call them. the morgan boulevard station will close at 12:27. gary mcgrady is up next with your workweek forecast. plus volunteers across the country are laboring with needle and thread for some of our nation's tiniest heros. we will explain. later the oval office oops you got to see, the uproar over
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a new rug. we're giving you the news edge on the carpet controversy as we continue.  ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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as you celebrate labor day, troops in afghanistan are on the move and fighting insurgents. members of the 101st airborne division 2nd brigade in kandahar fired mortar shells at attacker after several sporadic attacks on u.s. troops a mile away. troops also inspected schools and other shelters where insurgents took over. >> with that mosque there's been enemy activity and it's
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also been suspected for a beddown location for the enemy as well. >> nato forces are also increasing security in a run-up to parliamentary elections later this month. volunteers are working very hard this labor day and all year long, for that matter, to help some of our country's youngest heros. we're talking about children having a hard time coping with the overseas deployment of their moms and dads in the military. as fox 5's jennifer davis explains, a one of a kind keepsake that helps these kids get through some very tough days. >> where's daddy? he's over here somewhere. >> reporter: 3-year-old hanna really misses her daddy right now. he's been iraq almost a year. >> she's a real trooper. you know, she knows her daddy is doing something really important. it's been a challenge. who you talking to? >> daddy. >> you talking to daddy? >> reporter: she talks to her dad on pretend and real phones, but her mom was looking for something else to fill the void.
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when she heard volunteers with operation kid comfort make quilts for military children complete with their parent's photo stitched on it, she thought that sounded perfect. >> i thought a blanket would be a like to be like this is a way of daddy hugging you and knowing she's been with him before and he'll be back again kind of thing i think is what comforts her. >> reporter: kathy jung knows how comforting these quilts can be. she got one for her son nathan when his dad was in afghanistan. >> when he needed that extra piece of security, he had something to hold onto. >> reporter: each quilt and pillow is made upon request individually and so far the organization has been able to fulfill every single request no matter how big the family. one service member just wrote requesting one of these for all eight of his children. >> you don't want to let that family down and say we're sorry, we're busy. we just would never do that. >> reporter: volunteers around the country have stitched and sewn7000 personalized quilts over the last six years and sent them free of charge to children under the age of 6 in
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all 50 states. >> the testimonials we get, the mom physically has to sneak into the bedroom at night, take the quilt and launder it before the child wakes up the next morning. >> reporter: 79-year-old volunteer mary lou winkler says she grows more attached to the families with every stitch. >> and then i thought where is that dad? is he still alive or is he back on the second for that? where is he? >> who's that? >> that's daddy. >> reporter: the quilt helped nathan's family through a tough time and even though dad is home now the blanket is very much part of the fabric of their lives. >> it's just a very tangible sense of comfort. you can wrap it around you like a virtual hug with daddy's picture on it. >> reporter: as for shelly and hanna, they're counting down the days until their quilt arrives. >> she's making a sacrifice by having her dad gone for so lon and these people are sacrificing their -- long and these people are sacrificing their time and effort to make her feel more comfortable while her dad's been gone is amazing. so i'm excited to see what it
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turns out like. >> reporter: in washington jennifer davis, fox news. >> to request a quilt or volunteer to make one, you can visit the group's website. head over to and we'll connect you just a few clicks away. gary mcgrady on deck. let's talk weather. what have you got? >> temperatures out there right now, will, 74 here in the city. in some places still in the 70s, others dropped into the 60s. overnight tonight most of us will at least get down into the 60s, a few spots even down into the upper 50s. satellite and radar together here, storm track is north of us and it will stay that way at least for tomorrow. that means we're talking about lots of sunshine and temperatures will continue to warm up just a little bit, too. i think generally we were mid- 80s today and it looks like as we get into tomorrow we'll be more like the upper 80s, even a couple lower 90s.
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here is futurecast. this represents tomorrow at 4:00. we will be warm, sunny. notice the cold front back out to the west. well, it is a cold front and it looks like by latter part of the week it will cool us down significantly taking us from the upper 80s to the upper 70s for highs. for tomorrow we should be good. now by wednesday morning it looks like we'll have a few clouds to contend with, maybe a very slight chance of a spotty shower here or there wednesday morning as the front comes through. now for wednesday we're still going to be warm. the cold front is not going to cool us down right away. it's going to take a little while to get the coolest of the air to settle in and it really looks like that starts getting here wednesday night and through the day thursday. here's your temperature trends next couple days, generally in the upper 80s. thursday 80 degrees and friday for a high temperature look at that, only talking about temperatures in the upper 70s
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there. this is probably some of the coolest air that we've had so far this season coming on across and tomorrow, though, lots of sunshine. it will be warm. we'll start off in the upper 60s. we'll be in the lower 80s by noon and late tomorrow afternoon the highs will be in the upper 80s again in some places maybe right up to 90, if not a little bit above that. so for the next five days it looks real good, a couple of clouds again wednesday morning. there may be a slight chance for a spotty shower here or there, but shouldn't be a big deal at all, a couple afternoon clouds on thursday, temperatures much cooler, 80 degrees. friday 79 and saturday the temperature stays in the lower 80s, very, very nice. so again just a couple of warm days ahead and then we'll cool off quite nicely. listen, stay with us as the edge continues. lindsay's back, a lot of college football action today.
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she'll share you with the scores -- share the scores with you, easy for me to say. stay with us. the edge continues. ceusmeksgo t
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. if the state of maryland wants a good rivalry, they may finally have one. for the first time in five years maryland's navy went toe to toe. to baltimore we go where the midshipmen and terrapins hooked up for their season openers at
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m&t bank stadium. 1st quarter the terps 2nd and goal at the navy 5, jerill scott back and healthy punches it in to put maryland on the board first. it's 7-0 terps. david meggett runs 67 yards to the navy 13 and minutes later finishes the job with a 3-yard score and the terps would lead 14-0 but here comes navy 2nd quarter. ricky dobbs to andre byrd takes in into 10 yards out and navy cuts the deficit to 7. later in the 2nd3rd and goal. adrian moulton leaps over the offensive lineman hitting ricky dobbs and dobbs fumbles. the terps recovers and moulton going right over the what a good play for the terps d. 4th quarter 37th 2nd, navy down 3 with 4th and goal inside the 1. dobbs is stopped by kenny tate and the defense.
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maryland has the win. >> what a way for maryland to begin their season, coming to the thriller for 2010. >> this is a great big first win and we're trying to capitalize the rest of the season right now, one game at a time. >> it feels real good and i'm hoping that it will pay off for our players. i'm so proud of them. we've lost so many tough games like this last year and to finally be able to pull through and make a big play at the end, i'm happy for them. >> reporter: so the maryland terrapins nip the navy midshipmen 17-14 holding them off on the 1 yard line to end the game in stunning fashion. dave ross, fox 5 sports. virginia tech hokies hooking up with third ranked boise state at fedex field.
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1st quarter broncos up 3-0. kellen moore fakes the handoff and connects with austin pettitte for the 7-yard score. they go up 17-0 after the 1st quarter but the hokies come back down 5 in the 3rd on 4th and 5. tyrod blaylor, the two- point conversion failed. tech went up 27-36 and right now lead 30-26 late in this game. for those of you who worry donovan mcnabb may miss the season opener, you can now rest easy. mike shanahan said today his starting quarterback will play sunday. mcnabb sat out the last two weeks with a sprained left ankle. he took snaps with the starters today. it seems nobody in the locker room even worried that he wouldn't be ready to play. >> i talked to donovan and we joked around a little bit about it and he said how would anyone think i'm not going to play the cowboys on a sunday night game? he's ready to play.
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>> practicing with the second deep defense today albert haynesworth, there were reports over the within the coaches were unhappy with his performance last thursday, but today he and mike shanahan seem to be on pretty good terms and the coach had nothing negative to say. >> any time a person plays the defensive end position and nose position, it takes some time, doesn't happen overnight. he played a lot of plays. i thought he did a good job considering playing as many plays as he did do at a couple different positions and not him in the reps that some of the other players had at it. it was work that was well needed and he played hard. >>. the nationals hosting the mets this afternoon and kudos to rookie danny espinoza called up last wednesday, blasts two home runs today including a grand slam. he had 6 r.b.i.s in. his first five games espinoza 9- 16 with three homers. nats beat the nets 13-3. orioles beat the yankees 4-3. charley hoffman wins the
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deutshe bank championship and tiger woods even though he finished 11th is still no. 1. we'll be right back after this break. ♪
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